Notes to admins. (Careful! open to users too :D)

We definetly need more tattoo pictures and designs, some categories are almost compeletly empty. Work!

Need more themes, otherwise it won't make sense to let users pick a theme.

May be we should increase the upload image size. If it's not a problem with the server or bandwidth?

Need funds to increase them?

There a profile page fo users but other users can't see. What's the point to upload a profile picture? :(

What should others users see in other users profile page? See their tattoo book? Just info? contact details? Send message? and WHY?

I know it's a lot of work but sould we add tattoo places, houses in somewhere? may be catogorized? By city for example? Can we find and add them? How long would it take? Will they let us? Sould we build a page for them with info and some pictures? If so how many? Csn we go premium with that to show on top? We don't want to get money from users so can they pay a little fee to be on top of the list? So we can spend on server and such and also improve????

Where to get a tattoo in Madrid?

Can we post some articles about tattoo? Needs a new section. Needs a moderator. Me me me

No copy paste :)

Creating more categories. Will it simplfy or make it more complex?

Need more spots in tattoo book. 9 is not enough!

Users sould be able to comment on tattoos. Makes a interactive place, limited characters may be? Sould we control that? may be we can use the report thing?

May be likes too. Best of week , month ?